Get Out and Smell the Roses

park-in-liege-1394253When we find ourselves in depression, or sometimes a lack of motivation, we may not have the will to do anything. We may just want to lock ourselves away in our rooms. But is this good for your health? This depends on the source of your depression/lack of motivation. If the outside world somehow affects you from performing at optimal capacity regarding your work, then yes I suppose it is good for you. BUT only on a temporary basis.

Majority of the time I would argue against this. When we’re down in the dumps, we should learn to get out more. It doesn’t have to be going to some place with people we know. It can be a solitary activity such as a quiet stroll in the park, or perhaps bird watching. It can be you taking your notepad, setting down on a comfortable spot in the park and writing.

When we’re outside in nature, we can interact with the Earth in a sense. Be outside in the fresh air, listening to the bird noises and away from car noises. Of course not everyone may have this luxury depending on where they live, but even opening the window and letting some fresh air in can make a huge difference. Try it out, see if it works for you and keep on doing it if it does work out.

There is no harm in trying, all it would require is some time investment on your part :).

~ Mohit

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3 thoughts on “Get Out and Smell the Roses

  1. I agree on this. Going out to breathe fresh air or experience new things helps me get over tough times. I still have a moment when I just want to plunge on my bed and cry, but surely it must not take too long. Yeah, Gotta get up and smell the roses. 🙂

    By the way, hope you could pass by my site and take a minute to subscribe. Would be very glad to connect. You got a nice blog here. See you around! 🙂


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