Depression Settles at the Bottom

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3 Misconceptions of Depression

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Depression is a vile and vindictive disease. It is a thief in the night that comes to rob you of your joy. Living with such a debilitating disease can often be compared to living in a real life horror movie. You know that the ghost exists, you can sense its presence, but you never know when it’s going to reveal itself. Night after night you hear its haunting footsteps in the hall. The slight creaks of the floor are enough to send you into overdrive.

Living with depression is exactly that; except it’s hardly living, wouldn’t you say? I know of many people who suffer deeply from depression and anxiety that they are literally crippled in fear on a daily basis. They cannot leave their own bedroom without diving into a panic attack.

If we’re being honest, not many people know a lot about depression. If we’re being even more…

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Depression nearly killed me.

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This is going to be a deep one so if you’ve come here for comedy (and my blog name is Waggcomedy so you’d think I’d be funny) I suggest you skim over this one. Unfortunately, there isn’t an awful lot of comedy in depression.

(Just a quick note before I start this post properly, I am now seeing a therapist and am feeling considerably happier.)

They say depression can happen to anyone of any gender, ethnic origin, socio-economic group or sexuality. It might be a slow burner in the background for years or it might hit you full force one day.

For me, it was the latter.

I don’t really want to talk about what made me realise that I was depressed apart from to say that it was scary and a relief at the same time. Telling people was difficult and I still haven’t told many people as there…

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Job Depression

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Voyager of freedom

When you first start working at a place you really wanted to, you do your best, go above and beyond and take pride in your work. But then things get monotonous, leadership fails you, and you find that your co-workers have nothing to do but talk bad about each other.

You then think of your first day and what lead to this very moment. Then you stop giving your all, stop going above and beyond and you stop taking pride in your work. You imagine scenarios in your head about the moment when you tell your boss you’re resigning with a big smile on your face; but soon this smile will fade away as you realize you don’t have an alternative job as it is hard to find a new job in a bad economy. The picture of your family at your desk reminds you of obligations, mouths to feed…

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A conversation with Depression-

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Randoms by a Random

imageDepression knocked on my door,
And I told it,
Have a seat,
It wasn’t even dawn,
At least let me have a cup of coffee,
In peace, at least-
I said to my depression.

Depression knocked on my door,
And I welcomed it
With open arms,
We’ve been together
For so long now,
We might as well be friends,
Depression knocked and I welcomed it.

Depression knocked on my door,
And we had a one sided-
While the sky turned golden behind us,
I said-
You’ve had your stay
And I have entertained you,
Now- it’s time to take your leave,
I said to my depression.

Depression knocked on my door,
Like an unwanted guest,
Which tends to overstay it’s welcome.
But the birds sung a melodious,
Tune In the background,
And I turned the door knob
To a lock,
With a passion I didn’t think,
Existed within…

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5 Causes of Depression

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In my previous post, I have covered an overview of depression.  Here I will discuss what causes this beast. 


1.   Depression can be genetic, although the exact gene causing it is presently unknown. If you have a family member with depression, you’re more likely to experience it, too.  This however might be hard to tell as clinical depression was formally recognized in the U.S. around 1970s.  Prior to that, it was known as melancholy, therefore undiagnosed.  It could have been misdiagnosed for a multitude of other reasons, especially in the old days.

2.   Depression can be triggered by imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.  Why this is happening, remains a mystery and is not fully understood.  Antidepressant medications work to balance these neurotransmitters, mainly serotonin.

3.   Hormonal changes certainly play a role in developing depression.  Generally, depression is more common in women than in men…

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7 Ways to Battle Depression

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The Thinkers Paradise

Depression has been a serious health concern that is taken lightly or ignored most often. Most of us go through this phase or witness others, and I feel there is nothing shameful about it as, it’s just another passing period in life. But, it can be proved jeopardous if  proper care and attention is not provided.

Seven ways to battle depression:

1.Do not suppress your emotions:

Never try to hide your feelings away from others , atleast to your close ones. You do not have to keep smiling, be positive or stay happy all the time. It is perfectly fine to flush out the emotions from your body and feel sad, annoyed, frustrated, scared or angry as it only makes you a complete human.

2. Find a partner to share your emotions:

Open up about how you feel, why do you feel , to someone you can trust. It could…

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Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression

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We were in the car—the whole family—and I was talking about a friend I really love. K-Pants got mad. “When you love other people my heart gets smaller and smaller,” he said.

“But remember what we talked about? Love is something that grows and grows. And my love for you only gets bigger. If I love someone else, it doesn’t mean I have less love for you.”

“No,” he said. “It gets smaller and smaller.”


Postpartum Depression. MomsicleBlog

I’ve been suffering from postpartum depression. People talk about PPD. It’s not off-limits. I just figure I should share because I’m a normal, extroverted, sarcastic, fill-in-the-blank kinda girl. And I’m a great mom and an excellent writer and a kick-ass cook and a pretty bangin’ wife while we’re at it.

These things and postpartum depression are not mutually exclusive.

In a related scenario, there’s an adorable baby on one hand, and my sense of…

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On Depression, Inspiration, and Unfiltered Happiness

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a twist of grace

It’s not a secret that I sometimes have a hard time being happy. There are flaws in my brain chemistry that can make finding joy a chore–often times a chore that I will sweep under the bed and ignore completely. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent many years working on this. I’ve gotten better at dealing with it. I still struggle and fight every day, but the moments of wanting to disappear and stop existing are fewer and further in between. I’m far more positive than I used to be. Not perfect, but better.

Lately, though, I found myself in a bit of a downward spiral. Everything seemed 100 times worse than it was, and every day was a struggle to even get out of bed, which is very strange for me if you know me at all. I’m a normal up-at-5AM-to-go-to-the-gym person, so when I started skipping days to…

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