LightExistence Free App

The “LightExistence” app is created with the intention of helping those who require motivation through their trying times have an easier access to it.

This app is completely FREE to download with no ads, and no in-app purchases.

Some of you may wonder though why you should download this app? If you’re, don’t worry it will be worth it! Check out the list of features below for what content the app has in it.

This app contains the following modules:
Diary. To record how you feel.
Test. To test and see if you are experiencing any form of depression.
Activities. To record what activities tend to help uplift your mood and motivate you.
Media. Containing motivational resources of different media forms.
Thought of the Day. A motivational thought to think about in your free time during the day.
Inspirational Quotes. Motivational quotes to try and fire up the passion in you again.
Resources. Outline certain topics about depression and information on it.

Disclaimer: This app should not be used as a substitute in place of any professional medical opinions or help. Always seek out a medical professional if you experience any physical and mental health issues.

Check out a few screen shots below:

Please keep in mind that this app is Android Exclusive for now. I also recommend running this app on a mid to large screen sized phone for better display. You can run it on Android Wear or a TV, but your experience maybe best on a phone or a tablet.

Interested? Then check out the link below to the app in the Play Store!

Go to App in Play Store.

~ Mohit

Additional Screenshots:

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