About Blog

Hey everyone, Mohit here. A quick little about page for the blog specifically. What could one perhaps expect from this blog?

The primary focus of this blog is to discuss depression, anxiety, lack of motivation as well as an app I created to help others with these issues. I’ll try to post on here whenever I can barring I having an interesting idea for a post.

Should you have any ideas you want to forward to suggest, please feel free to do so at an email I’ll provide below. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about anything on here, again feel free to email me about it.

I’m always open to just chatting through email as well if you find that it helps you. After all the main goal of this blog and the app promoted on here is to provide motivation to those lacking it.

Contact email: apprealitydev@gmail.com

Hope you stick around and read any posts that grab your attentions!

~ Mohit