LightExistence App: Diary Module

Hey everyone,

This is mean to be a quick post on shedding some light on what the diary module is about.


What you can do:

– Record your current mood, how you feel as you create the entry.

– Input a detailed diary entry should you choose to for your own records.

– Determine your overall mood status, whether it is improving or not.

Being an app aimed at motivating it’s users, but also helping those in a mental turmoil perhaps. This module will help keep record of your progress in your journey in things like, anxiety or depression. Other issues can be attached to this as well that the diary module could help with.

Plus, if you just want to keep a diary you always have the option to here. This module has been primarily designed to help the users keep tab on their mental health, whether they’re declining, same as ever or improving.


Depression & Dreams

Hey everyone,

Today I want to write about a topic that inexplicably popped into my head this morning. I want to talk about, Depression & Dreams. It has already been established by medical professionals that there is a link between our mental state/health and the types of dreams we experience. Learning about it is one thing, but experiencing it is another. This is especially true when your dreams go from normal dreams to lucid dreams.

I can still recall one lucid dream (or more like a nightmare) very clearly from when I was in my state of depression. It was me trapped in a hospital with a suspicious staff. Upon learning their dark secrets, I no longer was a patient at their hospital but a prisoner. Every time I tried to escape that hospital, I would be physically beaten down and tortured. That nightmare went from being an uncertain and a calm setting to a chaotic one quite quickly.

What does chaos represent in our dreams? The chaos in the dream can be taken in it’s literal meaning. It is a sign of the uncertainty. They have lost in important things of the life the overview.

That would seem to fit right in with what I was experiencing during my depression. It is quite interesting how our own mind can speak to us on a sub-conscious level to tell us something is wrong. It is almost like a built-in feature for certain times in our lives, when we need it the most. Whether it be for self-validation or to find our path in life again. Depression brings a lot of uncertainty, regret and guilt. Some of these may not be justified for their existence in your life, but they still happen.

That was a dream during my darker time, now lets take a look at a dream I had last night which was far more peaceful.

I was in a small town with lots of open space, fresh clean air and a group of people just walking around. This group and me were just talking and relaxing. Visiting different shops and at one point they had to go to the doctor’s, strangely enough there was a gym there as well. I sat waiting for the person who needed to see the doctor come back out and tell me they needed to stay and do some exercises. So I thought how I could kill some time.

My solution was to take the time to organize a set of boxes and their contents inside, that just happened to be sitting beside me. But at the same time I saw a few from the group exercising, working very hard. This dream told me two main things. The fact that this dream was a peaceful one, and that there was a lot of hard work going on in here from the people. What could this dream mean?

Let’s look at the peaceful aspect first.To feel peace in your dream may indicate an end or a resolution of sorts to an emotional issue or conflict (in my case depression). Now let’s look at the next part of the dream, hard work. What this could have meant was the innate will to work harder now, I overcame my storm that was the depression. The conflict within me may have stopped, at least for now, and I want to work hard at achieving the things I envision in my life.

It is quite an interesting contrast on how the two dreams differ with my mental state, especially if they’re lucid dreams or nightmares.

How about you, have you ever had these types of dreams? I would be interested in reading from you about it :).

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~ Mohit

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Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free upcoming motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

Is depression a bad thing?

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Hope you are all doing well =).

Today I thought to write about something that may be arguable amongst some of you. Please note that the answer to the questions in the title comes from personal experience, hence based on your experiences your answer may be different from mine.

Is depression a bad thing?

Yes, at least that was until I finally began my journey out of it. Once I began to notice the change in me due to my depression, a positive change, I started to change my outlook on it. I stopped paying attention to what the mainstream media would normally have you believe of how depression is bad and should be stopped. But what good is stopping a natural event from taking place in your body? Whatever happens happens for a reason.

Now my answer with my understanding is a solid NO. Depression makes you feel bad, day by day you suffer silently as your own self-perception gets worse with growing guilt. It is that time in our life where we are at our lowest and most vulnerable psychologically and to some extent, physically as well. But it is at this point, where we strip away our ego, pride and everything else that stacks up on top of what we really are, and we’re able to see that we have a chance to change. To come out of this ordeal better than ever before, to re-order ourselves at a higher level.

Anyone can change at any given time, depression is not a requirement. But if change and depression work hand in hand, nature is telling you that you needed to change and you just couldn’t see it before. Now you have only two options, to embrace the change, or you can stay in this depressive state forever which will negatively affect you, and the lives of others around you.

Depression is nature’s calling card knocking on the door steps to your mind coming with a message of change. Treat depression like a challenge. When you overcome a challenge, what do you feel? Normally people would feel good to overcome some sort of struggle and dominate. Granted you apply an open mind to your depression, you can always come out on top and be a changed person.

Whether that change is positive or not is up to you. Only you are ever truly in control of your mental and physical condition regardless of what someone else would have you believe. That is after all why you have an individualistic will, free will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post =).

~ Mohit

Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free upcoming motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

Why the Stigma?!

Hey everyone,

So as I worked on the app I had to do some research. That research had turned up quite an interesting result, in particular about the views on Depression. The topic of stigma surrounding depression was quite a well discussed issue that has had exposure to others. But as known as this issue is, for some reason the stigma still continues to persists. That is not to say that there is nothing done about it as people’s thinking is changing towards depression and it’s stigmas. But for whatever reason this stigma still lives strong, especially in certain parts of the world where emotional weakness maybe frowned upon.

So why the stigma? I can think of a few reasons why the stigma still exist even after all the awareness. Below you’ll see my reasons in a point format:

  • – It could be a way to suppress depression, by painting it in a negative light it is effectively kept muted and the gears of society keep on turning as they always have been.
  • – Depression does not contribute to the overall success of society (even though it does to the re-ordering of an individual at a higher level).
  • – Since depression is not necessarily considered a positive mental state, it maybe considered bad to talk about it on a normal basis compared to joy, happiness or sadness (sadness is far more temporary than depression and does not require medical aid unless it worsens, hence the exception).
  • – Not much of a reason but something to think about, the reason why the stigma may persists is because of how mental health education is implemented. How aware do kids really become about these things in school? Clearly not a lot since the stigma still holds some power over us.

There are number of reasons why the stigma exists and it still baffles me that it holds such power over society. Having gone through several bouts of mild to severe depression has changed my perspective on many things. To me stigma now seems more like fear in this particular case, when we don’t understand something or feel overwhelmed by it we either ignore it or cower behind a “protective” shield. In this case the shield would be the stigma.

If you’re someone who is silently suffering through depression, don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit it. Those that want to make fun of others or ignore you, they have the choice but know that you are not alone. There are several people around the world daily struggling silently. Why silently? Because of this completely unnecessary stigma.

Please understand that depression is a natural part of life as long as it is not induced through unnatural means. Our brains will go through chemical imbalances depending on our circumstances, both external and internal.

Know that depression is not permanent, and that one should be grateful for it regardless of what others may tell you. Now before you click away here, I want to explain why we should be grateful. Depression is a chance for us to re-evaluate our lives, to reorder ourselves at a much higher level. It is a chance for us to change ourselves. It is nature’s calling card to us saying, “Hey, perhaps it is your time to go through a change. To wipe away any impurities within that powerful seed inside you and grow your potential as an individual.”

Yes, depression can lead to suicide. I know that very well, but if you can wait it out and learn from this experience like any other, you’ll change. You’ll come out on top and be better than ever before. If you can make the choice to stand against the stigma, accept your situation and learn from it, you’ll be grateful for it several years down the line.

You have the power to make the choice. Stand against the stigma. Help those when you’re asked for it, and always learn from the experiences we amount in life.

Down with the stigma!

~ Mohit

Welcome to the LightExistence Blog!

Welcome to the LightExistence Blog! Thank you for stopping by.

On this blog I discuss things related to depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and generally anything related to a bad period in our mental health. I may share my own dark times on here, but the main aim of this blog is to provide motivational content with the hopes of motivating those who are in need of it.

I’ll also discuss an android app I’ve been working on to show you that you also have additional options for when you want a quick pick me up motivation on your phone.

Hope you stick around!

Thanks for stopping by =).

~ Mohit

**Disclaimer: This app should not be used as a substitute in place of any professional medical opinions or help. Always seek out a medical professional if you experience any health issues.**