Sunny Days

Remember when I wrote about getting out and about to smell the roses? Sunny days are the perfect opportunity for that.

If you ever find that you are in a sour mood, something as simple as a walk can help resolve it. Be outside in the fresh air, let it flow through your lungs giving you that invigorating feeling nature has always intended to give. Get away from the phone, the computer and work in general.

Get away from your worries and simply take pleasure in the warmth the sun offers on that day. Take joy in peaceful surroundings, let heavy matters slide away from your mind. Let the stress slowly be undone. Maybe even think to take a relaxing nap outside.

Important thing here is to just get out and about. Be outside, leave the worries behind and take pleasure in the simple joys of this world. Do not concern yourself too much with human society as you spend quiet moments outside. Notice the little details around you and the beauty of this world. Just let it all go and relax.

A little tip, if you want to keep yourself engaged through other means. Reading a book is a great option, and a physical one vs. Kindle.

~ Mohit


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