This is it

Hey everyone,

Been a while hasn’t it?

I realize that I went offline for quite a long while and that I didn’t really post anything during that period. I just released some saved up material I had. BUT I have an announcement to make now.

I am done with this blog. I honestly have nothing else that I can think of contributing on here. Depression was once a struggle for me which I overcame and hoped to help others through this blog. But now I don’t know what else I can do with this blog. Another reason this blog was created was to help promote my free depression apps.

So what happens now?

This blog will remain up for the archive of all the posts I have made so far, unless WordPress decides to go ahead and clean house. There will be no more updates on here UNLESS there is a topic of great importance worth discussing on here.

I will hardly check this blog from now on, the only time I will pop on here is when I get a notification from it. The only place I now hang out at related to depression and helping others with is at the Depression Forums found here:

I will update my other blog from time to time. It will mainly be publishing a table of contents for the stories I post online. You can check out that other blog here:

Places where I post my stories at:

Aside from that there really is nothing else to say. So hopefully I catch you all around in the future perhaps, but in the meantime enjoy the wealth of content on this blog.

~ Mohit


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