7 Ways to Battle Depression

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The Thinkers Paradise

Depression has been a serious health concern that is taken lightly or ignored most often. Most of us go through this phase or witness others, and I feel there is nothing shameful about it as, it’s just another passing period in life. But, it can be proved jeopardous if  proper care and attention is not provided.

Seven ways to battle depression:

1.Do not suppress your emotions:

Never try to hide your feelings away from others , atleast to your close ones. You do not have to keep smiling, be positive or stay happy all the time. It is perfectly fine to flush out the emotions from your body and feel sad, annoyed, frustrated, scared or angry as it only makes you a complete human.

2. Find a partner to share your emotions:

Open up about how you feel, why do you feel , to someone you can trust. It could…

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