On Depression, Inspiration, and Unfiltered Happiness

Reblogged from the “a twist of grace” blog.

a twist of grace

It’s not a secret that I sometimes have a hard time being happy. There are flaws in my brain chemistry that can make finding joy a chore–often times a chore that I will sweep under the bed and ignore completely. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent many years working on this. I’ve gotten better at dealing with it. I still struggle and fight every day, but the moments of wanting to disappear and stop existing are fewer and further in between. I’m far more positive than I used to be. Not perfect, but better.

Lately, though, I found myself in a bit of a downward spiral. Everything seemed 100 times worse than it was, and every day was a struggle to even get out of bed, which is very strange for me if you know me at all. I’m a normal up-at-5AM-to-go-to-the-gym person, so when I started skipping days to…

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