Music for the Depressed Soul

More often than not, music is considered to be food for the soul. Music just has this trans-formative power to change our mood, change our feelings and change our thoughts. It is even more effective if you are a dancer of sorts. Moving your body with the musical rhythm can have an even greater impact on the mind and body versus just listening to it.

From personal experience, I find great comfort in music, especially during the times I am/was depressed. Maybe you may feel the same, maybe you may feel differently about music, but below I leave you with two music videos links for your enjoyment.

This one has helped give me a lot of inspiration and mental push during my tough times:

Joji – Medicine

This one more or less resonates so well with me due to the lyrics, as well as the strong beat:

Naitomea – Q

What is your favorite piece of music to help you ride out your bad times?

~ Mohit


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