Can the World be Free of Depression?

Wouldn’t a world where depression doesn’t exist be great?


But can you really ponder such a world so easily? I mean you can’t get rid of depression just because you want to in the world. Depression is based around so many different factors and if those factors continue to exist, then so will depression. From where I stand right now, I see those factors to have been deeply integrated into human society and to some degree, our consciousness from the moment we are born.

What are these factors I speak of?

Some of them may be:

  1. Negativity – There is a lot of negativity in the world. Earth doesn’t create this negativity, we humans do. It is created from our perceptions of certain items, or events taking place. That negativity is shared throughout the world in the form of media. Think about it, everyday you listen to the news you are bound to hear about someone dying, or getting hurt. You may hear about dirty politics being played or some new terrorist attack. Does that sound like a positive world to you? It sure doesn’t seem like the case to me.
  2. Superiority – People like to make themselves feel better at the expense of others. In comedy shows, unless it is a stand-up comedy, there is a good chance of a clip being played where someone is getting hurt through their own stupidity. Such a clip may entice laughter in you. Does this not make you feel better and somewhat superior at the face of someone else’s suffering? There are people who put down others to feel better themselves creating for inequality, injustice and a sense of corruption.
  3. Poverty – This creates an even greater negativity in the world. When you hear of poverty, what do you feel? Do you feel empathy for them or disdain? Do you feel like they deserve it or wish to be able to create a more leveled playing field for all? There are people who go into it by choice, but there are also those who are born into it. There are those who fall to poverty after having made a mistake for which society deems them unworthy to be granted a second chance in life.

So I have listed a few things that help promote depression, but what can we do to solve them?

In all honesty, I don’t think we can ever completely solve them now. Look at how far the human race has come, how much time we had to solve them and at how deeply integrated the things I mentioned above have become in our nature and society. Negativity will always be around, changing this requires changing the way EVERYONE thinks. Is that possible to ask of others? Not really, especially if someone older is asked to change their way of thinking.


The corruption will still exist as long as objects of desire such as money exists. Politicians would fill their belly with dirty money and turn a blind eye to some crimes in more corrupt countries. It is believed that all men are created equal, sure this would hold true in Mother Nature, but in human society that is not the case. Some are born into rich families, some into poor while most into middle class. Does that sound like being born equal? It doesn’t to me.


Superiority, the feeling of it is something inherent to our more primal nature. But I believe this is a feeling that can be controlled through great discipline and good morals. Its just that the world has gotten progressively worse as far as morals go, that the main thing to focus on here would be first repairing the morals. Then teaching them to others, it will be harder for the older folks vs the younger ones and finally implementing those teachings into real life situations.


Finally we come to poverty, how can we resolve poverty? Honestly I don’t know. Countries have their own issues, so many issues that they can’t even seem to lend a proper economic hand to third world developing countries. Look at USA, suffering from terrorist attacks. They can’t afford to spare much to third world countries or those in poverty.

No matter how much I think about it within the context of today’s world, I can’t come up with an effective solution. The main problem comes from creating so many nations. If it was all managed under one country name, the solution maybe easier to turn into a reality. But when we have so many nations, they have to look out for their own first before the rest of the world. On top of that they each fight to be the leading nation of the world for reasons beyond my understanding.

To unite the world as one would truly mean to tear down the borders and create only one nation. With that everyone would be able to share their burdens and work on resolving these problems together. It would mean putting the whole human world before an individual nation’s need. It would mean more intellectual and economical power to work off of.


The human world is very distorted and because of such distortions depression has been given way to. Maybe in the future we could finally resolve these issues, just maybe…

~ Mohit


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