Paid app going FREE!

Hey everyone,

If you have had a mosey over onto the About Pages, you will notice a page for two Android apps. One is free, while the other is paid. After some consideration, I have decided to make the paid app free from now on under the hopes that my guide is of actual use to someone.

I hope you give the app a chance or at least a quick gander :).

Check out the app here.


Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

App Info:

Facebook page: Click here (

Twitter: Click here (

About Page: Click here (

App in Play store: Click here


3 thoughts on “Paid app going FREE!

    1. Thank you!

      I to hope that this move helps out more people in empowering them with knowledge, letting them know they are not alone and that they have the power to overcome their depression, or any other problem within their control for that matter.

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