Depression in the City

It’s not uncommon to hear of someone being depressed nowdays. This is especially not uncommon when we hear of this taking place in an urban large scale city.

Why is that so?

Nature allows us to be ourselves without thinking of the restrictions imposed on us by the human world in my opinion.

scenery-1575746Living in a city, we live in an artificial environment created by those in power to keep things in check and keep those gears turning and tuning. In an artificial environment, there are a great many restrictions that can rain on someone’s head without them even getting the chance to fight their way out of it. Many of these restrictions of course revolve around some of the necessary factors for survival in human society: Money, shelter and relationship.

In nature, we are governed by the laws of nature. In a city or any part of the world occupied by people, we are governed by the laws of humans.

Nature is about surviving off of your own will and the resources you are presented by default, its your job to find and make good use of those resources. Cities, towns and large villages are about surviving off of what society gives you and what you can afford.

Nature is an even playing field for all to start out with. Human society is not.

smile-1439236That is not to say that depression is not manageable in society. It can be managed, it can even be done so without medication if you have the right environment around you and are willing to change your mindset.

This is the world we have created, and all we can be is to do our best to deal with it.

~ Mohit


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