Failure is NOT the End

Failure tends to get many of us down in the dumps. It is understandable as the act of failing incites several negative and at times weak feelings within us. Since childhood we are taught by society that failure is bad, since our young age we learn that failure is associated with bad feelings.

For some people failure signifies the end of something. While for others it is what it is. But what if you were told that failure is not the end? For some it maybe challenging their thinking while for others it may open their mind to a new perspective. Failure is never the end, it is only the beginning point to a lesson life will teach you.

When you were a child old enough to walk, whenever you fell down, what did you do? Did you just stay there on the ground and cry or did you pick yourself back up again? Physically falling down is different from mentally falling down, its just that one may require more courage than the other sometimes.

Being mentally affected by failure is understandable, it is a natural response but wallowing in it is bad for your health. Remember, mistakes and failures are life’s way of teaching you valuable lessons. The lessons that may seem pointless right now could become very valuable to you in the near future. Take what you will out of those lessons, I only hope it is something positive and educational.

Remember, whenever we fall down onto the ground, we pick ourselves up again. The same can be applied to your mental condition. If you fall down, do your utmost best to summon up all your courage and pick yourself up again.

No human is perfect, mistakes and failings are meant to be.

Accept. Learn. Move on.

Remember, keep your head up high :).

~ Mohit


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