Admit Depression

Depression is a stigma so strong that some people may feel ashamed to even have it. Sometimes, they may go as far as lying to themselves, saying they are completely alright when they really are not. Why lie like that to yourself?

Admit Depression.

When it comes to your life and health, you will know it better than anyone else. Why else do doctors rely on accurate responses from their patients to determine the causes and solutions?

Lying to yourself can not only create misunderstandings when consulting others related to these topics, but also create a sense of disillusionment for you. Know that lying to yourself can have deadly consequences in the future, especially for issues related to your mental health. If you avoid it, it could easily get worse and worse without proper precaution.

Depression for example has different stages, but that doesn’t mean that you will slowly progress through the stages. You could end up jumping from mild to severe depression in a matter of hours or minutes (sometimes even seconds).

When you lie to yourself, you don’t do anyone any favors. You do a disservice to those genuinely concerned for you. Most of all, you do a disservice to yourself, the one individual in the world you should be honest to.

If you are afraid to face depression, look for external help to help give you the courage. If you are ashamed, know that you are not the only one going through these tough periods in life, thousands of other people go through the same thing. In fact, some people have it far worse than you, so take comfort in the fact that you are still alive.

Let’s just honest with ourselves, things would go far more swimmingly if we all did that.

~ Mohit


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