Shackles Sometimes Are Nothing More Than an Illusion

There are some things that we can’t do in life, but some things we can. It all depends on how you look at things and your circumstances. But there are times where we drive ourselves into thinking we can’t do something. Those shackles sometimes are nothing more than an illusion.

Shackles are created out of fear, whether it be fear of failure or something else. But those shackles can paralyze us from moving forward. Heard the saying that fear is nothing more than an illusion? Same can be applied here though within certain contexts. Sometimes we have a good reason for the self imposed shackles.

Though this shouldn’t keep us from breaking the ones that are simply untrue and unnecessary. Shackles, as their purpose is to restrict, hamper the ones they are imposed on. As said before, sometimes they have their reasons for being there, at other times they are simply unneeded.

To move on, we have to learn to let go of such illusions and fears. To move on, we have to learn to look beyond the things that tie us down. Some shackles are nothing more than an illusion, and it should be thought of as such if we wish to move forward in life.

~ Mohit


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