Got Depression? Think of Going Carefree

What is a carefree person like?

Based on the definition of carefree, they are free of worries and to some extent, responsibilities.

Normally when we have depression, there is a sense of over thinking that goes on in our heads. We may be stuck in a loop of our thought process, unable to move on. Such over thinking could also cause worries for us. Not to mention, when depressed we sometimes feel guilty for “neglecting” our responsibilities.

Maybe, it is time you go carefree for once. Accept your situation, work with what you are given and simply live day to day appreciating what happens in there. Thinking too much about your responsibilities, or any negative self-talk can be very detrimental. Get out of your own head, go for walks, and perhaps put some of your not so important responsibilities on a back burner.

Some people say that being too carefree is a bad thing. But you know what, sometimes this is just the thing you need in order to adapt and help overcome your depression.

~ Mohit


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