Are You Feeling the Blues or Actually Depressed?

Have there ever been days in which you wonder whether you are feeling the blues or are actually depressed?

If so, here is a handy checklist to determine whether you are experiencing depression or not:

  • Do you experience constant fatigue and loss of energy?
  • Are you experiencing sadness, or feel “empty” inside?
  • Have you instantly lost interest in the things that once provided great pleasure to you?
  • Are you experiencing any significant weight loss or gain without doing anything?
  • Do you ever have feelings of worthlessness?
  • Has making decisions become harder for you than usual?
  • Are you experiencing difficulty in falling asleep, or waking up and getting out of bed?
  • Do thoughts of suicide tend to cross your mind often?
  • Have you experienced the above mentioned symptoms for more than a week now?

If your answer was yes to most or all of them, especially the last question, then you may very well be experiencing depression. It is best that you go to a doctor then for a professional medical opinion.

If you only felt those symptoms for less than a week, it may just be the blues.

The difference between the two is that with the blue, you will feel sad for a short time. With depression, it can last for a long time, and if not handled with care, it can last over a year. In some cases, depression can persists for several years before it is completely gone.

~ Mohit


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