Never Submit

Life has several different types of people. Some will try to help you, while others may try to guilt trip you into believing something is wrong with you for having problems in life. NEVER submit into that type of person.

When there is a problem you’re are experiencing, it is most likely because of a reason. Sometimes we have control over that reason and sometimes we don’t. But no matter what, there is nothing wrong with you for going through tough times. We all have our moments in life where we may seem abnormal, but nothing ever is abnormal, or normal. It is all up to how you think about it.

Never cave in to those people who would have you believe that you are weird, weak or that there is something wrong with you on a personal level and that is why you experience problems like: Depression, anxiety, or any other troubles in life. Sometimes it is the fault of the person, but other times it is just the cards life dealt to them. As observers, you never know for sure, all you can do is approach the situation rationally and calmly.

When life throws a hurricane your way, stand your ground and fight. Never submit.

~ Mohit


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