Still Alive

In our day to day routines we sometimes forget to be thankful for one simple fact. We are still alive. This holds more true when we are experiencing depression. Depression is an “issue” where we are physically alive, but don’t feel awake in this world. People feel disconnected from this world and the one they actually perceive.

But remembering the simple fact that you are still alive can help change your thinking. Why are you alive? That is for you to find out. But you are here, so may as well make the best of the time you are granted on this planet. May as well do your best to help create a change for the world, or be the change you want to see in the world at least.

To some “still alive” are just words. While to others they have a deeper meaning, and possibly a key to a more positive mindset. When you begin to appreciate the fact that you’re still alive, you will find that you are a little changed. Everyday will seem a little brighter. Who knows, you may even find a long-term purpose in your life.

Depression sucks, it is a cloud of unease and negativity that looms over our heads for a long time. But we can combat it, how you do that is up to you. But remember this, there are people in your life who will deeply care for your well being. There are people who will want to look out for you and help you in anyway they can. Life is too short to spend it sulking. Depression is natural, but when it overstays it’s welcome, that is a worrying concern.

Keep your head up high and remember, you’re still alive.


~ Mohit


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