LightExistence Paid App Announcement

I’ve an announcement to make for the LightExistence app I’ve been promoting on here from time to time.

Aside from the free edition, there is also a paid version that will go on for $0.99. Any revenues earned from this will go towards further marketing of both the paid and free apps to help extend awareness for these apps, and help as many people as possible in the process.

Basic Details:

  • Title – LightExistence: Guide & More
  • Short Description – Motivational app with content to help with your saddest, or darkest of times.
  • Available on: Android
  • Runs on: Phones & Tablets
  • Price: $0.99

App Content Details:

  • A motivational mini-guide for overcoming depression, the blues or anyone requiring motivation right now.
  • Resources that explain and inform certain things about depression.
  • Motivational tips, to help you get motivated everyday.

Disclaimer: This app should not be used as a substitute in place of any professional medical opinions or help. Always seek out a medical professional if you experience any physical and mental health issues.

App Images:

Please keep in mind that this app is Android Exclusive for now. I also recommend running this app on a mid to large screen sized phone for better display. You can run it on Android Wear or a TV, but your experience maybe best on a phone or a tablet.

Interested? Then check out the link below to the app in the Play Store!

Link: Go to Play Store

~ Mohit


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