Detach the Detractors

If you think you have people who may be holding you down for the wrong reasons, or pushing un-welcomed negativity into your life, then it maybe time to ditch them. Detach the detractors.

Not everyone in your life will serve a positive effect. Why are successful people so successful and for the most part seem happy? It is because they have managed to surround themselves with positive thinking and encouraging people.

If you let even one bit of negativity enter your mind, it can take over like a raging virus unless strictly controlled. Motivational (or positive) thinking however is something that is normally sparse. It is fed to us in doses through various methods of our own choosing, one of which is positive people giving positive energy.

Review your relationships with people, see who is a positive influencer to you. See who affects you negatively, once you’ve narrowed it down be sure to create a list. Take those people and be prepared to either cut down the time you spend with them dramatically or completely severe all ties to them. Surround yourself with positive people and you will find yourself naturally changing.

But remember, in order for this to happen you have to keep an open mind. Be accepting of all possibilities in life, embrace them with open arms and a curious mind. Remember to keep on smiling!

~ Mohit


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