A Smile a Day is A Step Forward

Ever heard the saying that an Apple a day will keep the doctor away?

Well then how about this one: A smile a day is a is a step forward.

What does that mean?


It means that we should perhaps all learn to smile a little more. Smiling is a magical thing, whether you do it with others or in private. Just from one gesture, you can feel a little happiness sprout inside of you. So why not try it? You don’t lose anything by doing so.

This is especially true for those who are going through certain issues in life. Any problem in general will tend to bog our mood down a great degree. But you know what, if you can smile even a little then you know you’re going to be alright. Every time you smile, it is a step forward. But where is it that this path you walk on is taking you?

That is a question I can’t answer for you. But we know that there will be relief, and happiness at the end. The only time the opposite occurs is if we’re left thinking too much into the troubles of the human world and how it affects us. But if you live a simple and humble life, always doing your best to smile no matter what happens to you, then you will be okay.

So why not start today with a challenge?

Challenge yourself to smile at least once in a day. You can do it in private or in public, whatever it is you want but just smile :).


Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free upcoming motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: apprealitydev@gmail.com. I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

App Info:

Facebook page: Click here (https://www.facebook.com/LightExistenceMotivationApp/?ref=hl).

Twitter: Click here (https://twitter.com/@Naitomea1224/)

About Page: Click here (https://lightexistenceblog.wordpress.com/about-the-lightexistence-app/)


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