App Sneak Peek: Inspirational Quotes Module

Screenshot_20160316-141330The Inspirational Quotes Module contains several inspirational quotes to help the users find motivation again. The content is aimed at being positive for the users.

The content will deal with a variety of different themes, such as happiness, choice, motivation, and more. The main purpose of this module is to help users find inspiration and motivation, to help guide their mind towards a more positive thought flow.

Change after all begins with a positive mind.





Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free upcoming motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

App Info:

Facebook page: Click here (

Twitter: Click here (

About Page: Click here (


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