If You Try to HELP, Then DON’T Judge

The title says it all. For whatever reason no matter how much we try to avoid doing so, we will always end up judging something. It is inherent to our nature, but did you know that judging someone going through serious problems/issues can be extremely detrimental to that person?

gloomFace If you’re trying to help, then stop the judging. If you have a tight control over this, you’re already one step ahead and I applaud you for it. You’re heading in the right direction.

When people feel judged, they feel more pressure on them. When people feel judged, they want to retreat from the public eye depending on their current condition.

For someone with depression, if they were judged for it, what do you think would happen?

If their depression is mild, they will feel a slight sense of guilt and keep on thinking about it. BUT, such an action could be the trigger to send them spiraling down into a much worse phase of depression.

If their depression is major, there will definitely be a sense of guilt. They may even have thoughts of them being a burden onto others. This could also lead to severe depression, the stage in which thoughts of suicide are most prominent.

Does such a negative thought flow help that person then?

No, your judging does not help.

Should you really care about that person, then start by understanding their feelings. Start with the what, where, why and how. Start at the very basics so you can work out a solution together after having achieved a mutual understanding. Communicate, for without talking the process for change and recovery will never start for some.

So instead of judging, let’s all try to truly help those in our lives through mutual understanding and compassion. Let’s take their gloomy mood, and turn it into something more positive. If we can affect at least one person’s life, then we have made a big difference in the world.



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The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.

App Info:

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