Inspiration is key to Motivation

Motivation can be induced in a number of different ways. However one of the key methods to creating that motivation within yourself is finding inspiration. This can be inspiration through art, quotes or perhaps somebody you look up to, and etc. What inspiration can help us do is start guiding our minds towards a more positive direction. The more positive we become, the easier it is for motivation to take hold.

Here is one way of seeing how you can find your inspiration, and use it to motivate you.


  1. Watch/Experience meaningful content (ie. Films, games, YouTube videos, personal experiences, etc.).
  2. Think about what you’ve watched and analyze your thoughts and or feelings on the subject. See if it brings a surge of want to do something meaningful. If it does, then you may have just found a bit of inspiration right there. If not, keep on looking.
  3. Use that inspiration as a fuel to help you come up with creative ideas of what goals you can pursue and how to pursue them.
  4. Turn that inspiration into motivation, again inspiration is basically like fuel. How do you turn inspiration into fuel? Once you start working towards your goal and keep thinking of what inspired you, it will happen naturally.
  5. No matter what happens, keep on working towards your goal. If you encounter a problem, tackle it with all your knowledge and energy.
  6. Fulfill that goal.

These are basic steps on how to potentially help you be inspired to do something, and to get your motivation levels going up again.If you find you have your own unique method for this, I would love to hear it in the comments. The more information we impart onto the readers, the more we can empower them in these certain situations.


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