Depression and Change: Partners in Crime

Depression and change may have more in common than we would think. Now before we begin, keep in mind we’re talking about temporary depression here. Chronic depression and the type related to any other condition may be applicable to some, while not for others.

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Temporary depression is kind of like the seasons. Imagine your depression being the winter (or your least liked season). Now we all know for a fact that seasons change, you’ll have observed it no doubt. But when we talk about depression, that winter can last a long while for us. It can be anywhere from a couple of months to several years.

If you’ve ever experienced depression then you will probably understand what I’m discussing here. At this point, you may ask what does change have anything to do with depression?

I personally think that we experience things for a reason. We may not always be aware of the reasons, but perhaps we’re not meant to know them in certain situations. One result however that is guaranteed to come out of your depression is change. Whether it be a good or a bad change is entirely up to how you adapt and deal with your depression. As someone who has been through this, I hope you’re able to walk on over to the good side of that change.

summer-1367814 This change, imagine it going from winter to summer. The process in between is where the change is taking place. The choices you make during that process can very well define your future outlook, personality and health.

No matter how boxed in we may feel, we always have a choice. No matter how out of control your life may feel, block out the unnecessary and only look at the important things in your life. Everyday life tends to lead us astray in the fact that our own lives are important and that we all have value.

In a society where people wake up, go to work and you’re walking amongst the masses, perhaps feeling like a robot following the path set out for you. But no path is ever set out for anyone, life is full of choices that can lead you from one path to another without a notice.

Change is a matter of choice, and making a choice is more important than ever before when you’re experiencing depression. With the choice of staying in your depression, you risk missing out on what life really can offer to you. With the choice of learning from your experience and moving on, you’ll come out changed.

Accept. Learn. Move on.

The choice is yours, and yours alone to change.


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