How to be MORE Positive in Negative times

Some may argue that we tend to live in a negative world, or rather negative times. If you turn on the news, you may hear news of local shootings taking place in your country, terrorism advancing, or some other horror story. There will be bits of positivity and hope, but news is there to mostly make people aware of the bad that has happened in the world lately.

It can be hard at times to stay positive in light of all this and no one can blame you for that. In this post, I’ll outline how one could stay, and perhaps be even more positive in negative times.

  1. As counter-productive as it may sound to you, turn off the news and the radio. Only take in the news selectively, and not everything they throw at you through reading. With selective reading, you’re in control of what you intake as information.
  2. Get off of social media. Sometimes, something like social media can be the cause. There is so much going on in the world of social media, both positive and negative. But the negativity always seems more prevalent than the positive. So why not unplug for a while?
  3. Set a positive goal for yourself. Doing something positive can help breed more positivity in turn.
  4. Listen to music. Especially music that can help you relax, or work your imagination.
  5. Laugh more. It is quite surprising how much a laugh can do for the human mind, it is a gift to be able to laugh and feel a sense of relief all around you.
  6. Live in the present. Live in the now, take note of the things happening around you and see the positive in it. Think of the nature filled sounds happening around you, or perhaps that nice breeze hitting you gently and making you feel like you will be swept off your feet.

There are a great many other things we can do to live more in the present and be positive. Negativity is large around the world, and more talked about. But we can’t let it win! We’re all in control of the positivity and negativity, so why not choose the positive? 🙂

~ Mohit

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2 thoughts on “How to be MORE Positive in Negative times

  1. Naturally, there are things you don’t have control over, but life is usually only as bad as you want to make it – especially if you are in the position to make yourself happy. I don’t get why there are so many people out there whom life has treated well and yet they choose to make themselves miserable. Do they stick with it because it’s the only way they know? Is a fear of change? It’s hard to say; there could be several right answers.

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    1. Sometimes as you said, we don’t have control over some things in life. For example, the death of someone close to us is something we cannot control, and yet it always hurts to see it happen. The only time you can ever truly be at peace with losing those close to you is if you have hardened yourself and accepted death for all it’s worth.

      But keep in mind, I did mention that there is quite a bit of negativity in the world. Especially if you live in more unstable areas of the world. Such negativity can easily creep into our minds pushing the positivity away. But then there are those who just feel negative, they have no particular reason to at times but they just do. It is how the human mind works for some people. There are those ups and downs due to the chemical imbalances (or sometimes balance) in our mind that can cause this without warning.

      The important thing is though, one should always try and maintain a positive outlook regardless of what life throws at you. It isn’t about how hard you get hit and can hit back, but about the times you can keep on mustering up the strength to stand back up again.


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