Never say “Never”

Recently I’ve had this thought in the back of my head. I remember that when I was depressed, it felt like things would never improve. But now that I look back at it, no matter how serious it seemed back then, it just seems so silly now. Is it wrong to think that things will never improve? Maybe. It really depends on your mentality, I don’t think it is wrong to think like that. Why? Because it is all a part of the process that helps us in our change.

In order to change, we must all first go through the roller-coaster motions in our lives. When we’re at our lowest, we will feel like the whole world is against us. Or perhaps we just feel misplaced in this world. But if you summon the will to fight this crushing weight on your shoulders that tries to keep you down, and again find your light, your passion in life which in turn leads to motivation, then you know you’ve survived the worst of the worst. That turmoil inside you is on its way out as you took the brave steps to change, and move on.

So saying never is one thing as long as you don’t choose to wallow in the depression forever. Those that wish to fight depression, and find their courage again, there is nothing wrong with saying never as it is a part of the process. No matter how much we think we will “never” survive this. If we can wait it out while keeping our minds open to different possibilities the world has to offer to us, we should be fine.

Note: A little PSA, if anyone reading this is by chance interested in spreading the word about my free upcoming motivational app to help those with depression, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation. Please email me at: I’ll email you either a link or an attachment for a press kit (contains detailed information for the app).

The more people know of the app’s existence the better for it’s exposure, and helping others.


One thought on “Never say “Never”

  1. Hey sanjanaguptaa, while it’s great that you are spreading such a positive message on happiness via your blog, might I recommend not directly commenting on other people’s blogs with the intention to ONLY drive traffic to your article?

    Some may take this as nothing more than an act of self advertising on the articles of others (which it really is) and may not take too kindly to this.

    This is just a tip, whether you choose to employ it or not is up to you. Look for ways to contribute to the discussions or the meaning behind the article in the comments section. Adding a link to your article then can be justified as you have contributed yourself. You can’t expect something for nothing in return after all :).


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