LightExistence App: Diary Module

Hey everyone,

This is mean to be a quick post on shedding some light on what the diary module is about.


What you can do:

– Record your current mood, how you feel as you create the entry.

– Input a detailed diary entry should you choose to for your own records.

– Determine your overall mood status, whether it is improving or not.

Being an app aimed at motivating it’s users, but also helping those in a mental turmoil perhaps. This module will help keep record of your progress in your journey in things like, anxiety or depression. Other issues can be attached to this as well that the diary module could help with.

Plus, if you just want to keep a diary you always have the option to here. This module has been primarily designed to help the users keep tab on their mental health, whether they’re declining, same as ever or improving.


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