Depression & Dreams

Hey everyone,

Today I want to write about a topic that inexplicably popped into my head this morning. I want to talk about, Depression & Dreams. It has already been established by medical professionals that there is a link between our mental state/health and the types of dreams we experience. Learning about it is one thing, but experiencing it is another. This is especially true when your dreams go from normal dreams to lucid dreams.

I can still recall one lucid dream (or more like a nightmare) very clearly from when I was in my state of depression. It was me trapped in a hospital with a suspicious staff. Upon learning their dark secrets, I no longer was a patient at their hospital but a prisoner. Every time I tried to escape that hospital, I would be physically beaten down and tortured. That nightmare went from being an uncertain and a calm setting to a chaotic one quite quickly.

What does chaos represent in our dreams? The chaos in the dream can be taken in it’s literal meaning. It is a sign of the uncertainty. They have lost in important things of the life the overview.

That would seem to fit right in with what I was experiencing during my depression. It is quite interesting how our own mind can speak to us on a sub-conscious level to tell us something is wrong. It is almost like a built-in feature for certain times in our lives, when we need it the most. Whether it be for self-validation or to find our path in life again. Depression brings a lot of uncertainty, regret and guilt. Some of these may not be justified for their existence in your life, but they still happen.

That was a dream during my darker time, now lets take a look at a dream I had last night which was far more peaceful.

I was in a small town with lots of open space, fresh clean air and a group of people just walking around. This group and me were just talking and relaxing. Visiting different shops and at one point they had to go to the doctor’s, strangely enough there was a gym there as well. I sat waiting for the person who needed to see the doctor come back out and tell me they needed to stay and do some exercises. So I thought how I could kill some time.

My solution was to take the time to organize a set of boxes and their contents inside, that just happened to be sitting beside me. But at the same time I saw a few from the group exercising, working very hard. This dream told me two main things. The fact that this dream was a peaceful one, and that there was a lot of hard work going on in here from the people. What could this dream mean?

Let’s look at the peaceful aspect first.To feel peace in your dream may indicate an end or a resolution of sorts to an emotional issue or conflict (in my case depression). Now let’s look at the next part of the dream, hard work. What this could have meant was the innate will to work harder now, I overcame my storm that was the depression. The conflict within me may have stopped, at least for now, and I want to work hard at achieving the things I envision in my life.

It is quite an interesting contrast on how the two dreams differ with my mental state, especially if they’re lucid dreams or nightmares.

How about you, have you ever had these types of dreams? I would be interested in reading from you about it :).

Thanks for stopping by and hope you stick around for more!

~ Mohit

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