Is depression a bad thing?

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all doing well =).

Today I thought to write about something that may be arguable amongst some of you. Please note that the answer to the questions in the title comes from personal experience, hence based on your experiences your answer may be different from mine.

Is depression a bad thing?

Yes, at least that was until I finally began my journey out of it. Once I began to notice the change in me due to my depression, a positive change, I started to change my outlook on it. I stopped paying attention to what the mainstream media would normally have you believe of how depression is bad and should be stopped. But what good is stopping a natural event from taking place in your body? Whatever happens happens for a reason.

Now my answer with my understanding is a solid NO. Depression makes you feel bad, day by day you suffer silently as your own self-perception gets worse with growing guilt. It is that time in our life where we are at our lowest and most vulnerable psychologically and to some extent, physically as well. But it is at this point, where we strip away our ego, pride and everything else that stacks up on top of what we really are, and we’re able to see that we have a chance to change. To come out of this ordeal better than ever before, to re-order ourselves at a higher level.

Anyone can change at any given time, depression is not a requirement. But if change and depression work hand in hand, nature is telling you that you needed to change and you just couldn’t see it before. Now you have only two options, to embrace the change, or you can stay in this depressive state forever which will negatively affect you, and the lives of others around you.

Depression is nature’s calling card knocking on the door steps to your mind coming with a message of change. Treat depression like a challenge. When you overcome a challenge, what do you feel? Normally people would feel good to overcome some sort of struggle and dominate. Granted you apply an open mind to your depression, you can always come out on top and be a changed person.

Whether that change is positive or not is up to you. Only you are ever truly in control of your mental and physical condition regardless of what someone else would have you believe. That is after all why you have an individualistic will, free will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post =).

~ Mohit

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