Why the Stigma?!

Hey everyone,

So as I worked on the app I had to do some research. That research had turned up quite an interesting result, in particular about the views on Depression. The topic of stigma surrounding depression was quite a well discussed issue that has had exposure to others. But as known as this issue is, for some reason the stigma still continues to persists. That is not to say that there is nothing done about it as people’s thinking is changing towards depression and it’s stigmas. But for whatever reason this stigma still lives strong, especially in certain parts of the world where emotional weakness maybe frowned upon.

So why the stigma? I can think of a few reasons why the stigma still exist even after all the awareness. Below you’ll see my reasons in a point format:

  • – It could be a way to suppress depression, by painting it in a negative light it is effectively kept muted and the gears of society keep on turning as they always have been.
  • – Depression does not contribute to the overall success of society (even though it does to the re-ordering of an individual at a higher level).
  • – Since depression is not necessarily considered a positive mental state, it maybe considered bad to talk about it on a normal basis compared to joy, happiness or sadness (sadness is far more temporary than depression and does not require medical aid unless it worsens, hence the exception).
  • – Not much of a reason but something to think about, the reason why the stigma may persists is because of how mental health education is implemented. How aware do kids really become about these things in school? Clearly not a lot since the stigma still holds some power over us.

There are number of reasons why the stigma exists and it still baffles me that it holds such power over society. Having gone through several bouts of mild to severe depression has changed my perspective on many things. To me stigma now seems more like fear in this particular case, when we don’t understand something or feel overwhelmed by it we either ignore it or cower behind a “protective” shield. In this case the shield would be the stigma.

If you’re someone who is silently suffering through depression, don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit it. Those that want to make fun of others or ignore you, they have the choice but know that you are not alone. There are several people around the world daily struggling silently. Why silently? Because of this completely unnecessary stigma.

Please understand that depression is a natural part of life as long as it is not induced through unnatural means. Our brains will go through chemical imbalances depending on our circumstances, both external and internal.

Know that depression is not permanent, and that one should be grateful for it regardless of what others may tell you. Now before you click away here, I want to explain why we should be grateful. Depression is a chance for us to re-evaluate our lives, to reorder ourselves at a much higher level. It is a chance for us to change ourselves. It is nature’s calling card to us saying, “Hey, perhaps it is your time to go through a change. To wipe away any impurities within that powerful seed inside you and grow your potential as an individual.”

Yes, depression can lead to suicide. I know that very well, but if you can wait it out and learn from this experience like any other, you’ll change. You’ll come out on top and be better than ever before. If you can make the choice to stand against the stigma, accept your situation and learn from it, you’ll be grateful for it several years down the line.

You have the power to make the choice. Stand against the stigma. Help those when you’re asked for it, and always learn from the experiences we amount in life.

Down with the stigma!

~ Mohit


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